See whales that traveled more than 10,000 miles to be here.

Gray whales currently hold the record for the longest mammal migration, covering 10,000-14,000 miles each year as they travel from coldwater feeding grounds to the warm calving lagoons in Baja, Mexico. We are lucky enough to see these seasoned travelers as they make a pitstop on their annual return to Alaska. A small group of gray whales known as the "Sounders" return year after year and our crew can identify individuals by their different markings and scars!

Pit Stop on Migration Path

The long migration of the gray whale takes them from the warm waters of Baja, Mexico to the colder waters of northern Alaska. One record setting gray whale, Varvara, traveled from the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia to Baja, Mexico and back again. She travelled 13,988 miles (22,511 kilometers) in 172 days! Gray whales spend their winter months breeding and calving in the warm waters of Mexico. Then they make the long trek north heading toward their colder feeding grounds in Alaska. There are some gray whales that make the pit stop here in the Salish Sea and snack on ghost shrimp before continuing north. On occasion, one may discover a rich feeding area and stay throughout the summer!

Best Spring Whale Watching

Our spring whale watching trips (April) frequent prime gray whale feeding grounds. The returning gray whales, or "Sounders" spend their days foraging in the waters around Everett and south Whidbey Island. A trained eye can see them from miles away as their blows can reach up to 15 feet high! Our spring Anacortes tours offer the rare opportunity to see these gentle giants feeding in calm, protected waters. Photographers often get great shots of flukes, spyhops, and the occasional breach!


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The waters surrounding our three departure locations offer some of the most diverse whale and wildlife viewing on the west coast. Onboard each of our tours, an experienced naturalist helps identify all of the whales, wildlife, and rich history that this area holds.

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