Respect for whales in their natural habitat

Pacific Whale Watch Association

The Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) is a group of both US and Canadian whale watching companies dedicated to conservation, education, and responsible wildlife viewing. The PWWA is the most precautionary and cooperative group of professional whale watchers in the world and has been used as a model for sustainable ecotourism for years. Island Adventures' founder, Shane Aggergaard, has served several terms as President, Vice President, and Executive Board Member of the PWWA and we have been PWWA members since 1996. You can be assured that when you choose Island Adventures, you’re riding with a company that cares about wildlife and will watch whales responsibly.

Sentinels at Sea

Small Boats vs. Big Boats

There is a common misconception that small boats are allowed to view whales from closer distances than larger boats. All vessels, even non-motorized vessels like kayaks and sailboats, must operate under the same legal guidelines, regardless of the size of vessel. If you see a company advertising that they get closer to whales than everyone else, they are breaking the law!

Larger, more elevated vessels like the Island Explorer 5 are ideal viewing platforms for whale-watching, allowing guests to see wildlife more easily and capture breathtaking photographs you might miss from a smaller vessel.

Education and Giving Back

We consider our vessel a floating classroom. Our naturalists and captains have a working knowledge of the San Juans, local natural history, and the most recent science regarding our whales and other wildlife. You won't find our crew reading from a script. Each tour is vastly different and you're guaranteed to see and learn something new and exciting on every tour.

In addition to our guaranteed whale tours, we also offer field trips, seminars, and presentations for classrooms and private groups throughout the year. The more we know about our local ecosystem, the harder we’ll work to protect it. Island Adventures is proud to donate to several local nonprofit organizations each year that help to study and preserve our area's natural resources.

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