Relive Your Tour Through Photos

It's always sad when a tour comes to an end, but with the help of photographs, you can relive the magic of your Island Adventure experience long after you've returned to the dock. Our crew uses professional-grade cameras and telephoto lenses to get the very best shots of whales, wildlife, and scenery so you can take home the best of the northwest!

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Common Questions

How many photos are on each thumb drive?

The exact number of photos varies from one tour to the next, but our photographers are skilled at capturing all the highlights of the day and make sure you're getting a good value. The crew will give a preview of the contents before you make your purchase.

How can these images be used?

There are no watermarks, so feel free to print, post, and share the images as you like. Please keep in mind, however, that the intention of this program is for our guests to take home photos for personal use. We ask that these images not be sold or reproduced without permission from Island Adventures. We thank you for your cooperation so that we can continue offering this program at such a reasonable cost.

Am I allowed to take my own pictures?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it! Every photographer's eye is unique and may capture different images. Also, sometimes there's so much action that you just can't capture it all! If you have your own camera, please feel free to bring it along.

I didn't buy the photos on my trip but have changed my mind. Can I still purchase them after the trip?

We've got you covered! We maintain a photo archive of past tours dating back to 2017. Simply click the link below to purchase photos from your tour through PicThrive. Photos are delivered instantly via email!

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