Meet the Most State-of-the-Art Whale Watching Vessel

There's nothing like the Island Explorer 5 on the west coast!

The Island Explorer 5 is the most state-of-the-art vessel on the entire west coast, boasting impressive speed and high-tech electronics.

The height above the water gives you a much better vantage point. (The legal viewing distance applies the same to all vessels — lower profile boats cannot get you any closer, so they just can’t see as well as you will from the Island Explorer.) The sound system allows our Naturalist to turn the boat into a floating class room. All guests also receive a 64 page color wildlife guide. The Island Explorer is safe (it exceeds all US coast guard requirements for the area), fast (capable of speeds of 20+ knots, which gives us the range to guarantee whales), and comfortable for all of our guests.

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The waters surrounding our departure locations offer some of the most whale and wildlife viewing on the west coast.  Onboard each of our tours, an experienced naturalist helps identify all of the whales, wildlife, and the history that this area holds.